A first review on the project after the first (almost) whole week.

In the last six days 18 different contributions have been published on each of all four (social) media channels. The posts were each four times from the categories motivation, love and sport, and three times each from the categories life and travel, so a total of 18 posts šŸ˜‰ The daily effort of publication for the project “Follow The Quote” was initially higher, but meanwhile a certain routine with the daily posts has been developed, which could surely still be optimized – I already have first ideas šŸ™‚

Let’s start with a look at instagram. The first week in terms of “Discovery” has turned into the visit from 93 of unique accounts that have seen any of the posts, and 117 of times all of the posts have been seen. In addition, the 18 posts have currently brought 10 followers. So a very tiny step for the reach, which can certainly be expanded šŸ˜€

On twitter, it initially sounded great with 558 tweet impressions. But a look at the details showed the misery with only 22 profile visits and 0 follower. The top tweet “Stop waiting. Start now.” earned 52 impressions. Of course, you can’t necessarily transfer the experience and tricks of other social networks unthinkingly into twitter, yet it remains exciting how the project could progress also on twitter.

And on facebook, unfortunately, the project does not gain in reach šŸ˜€ The “Insights Page Summary” tells me that the page had 30 page views, which means the number of times the page’s profile has been viewed by logged in and logged out people. However, a close look reveals that only 2 people had any posts from the page enter their screen. Probably one of those two persons is the author himself, because the page currently has 1 follower šŸ˜‰

There were no big surprises for the website FollowTheQuote.com. The domain and the blog are very fresh on the internet, so especially the attention of search engines has yet to be built. On the whole there were 23 page impressions, most of them caused by the author himself, when he tested the functionality of the website from other devices and in different browsers. But I will keep going on making friendships with the popular search engines and conquer the true internet šŸ˜‰

In the coming week, beside of just posting quotes, I will use the search on the three services instagram, twitter and facebook. And when I find profiles of people who occasionally publish or share quotes, I will leave a comment. The target is to write 100 comments per service. So, over the next 7 days to leave a total of 300 comments. But of course, write a comment that fits to the content, and no comments including just one emoji in it šŸ˜€ In a few days, we will see if this approach has brought some movement to the project.

Blogpost made with patience and curiosity. Contains advertisement because of naming and linking brands and products. Note privacy policy and Disclaimer.

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