Commenting is time-consuming and brings few subscribers

This week I was on the search on instagram and twitter to find users who like to publish quotes. By leaving a content-appropriate comment on their profile, I wanted to draw attention on the profile of FollowTheQuote and thereby gain followers. All in all, I left a comment on 100 different profiles on instagram and also on 100 different twitter accounts. This undertaking cost me about 2 hours in total.

In the case of twitter, only two users have become subscribers of the visit and the commentary of the 100 different profiles. So, a success rate of only 2% or in other words: with this approach on twitter you win so 1 follower per hour worked. Unfortunately, not a really profitable strategy at this early stage of this project. At instagram, the gain was even lower. The number of total subscribers went from 10 (from the first week) to 21, but no of the 11 new subscribers was one of those 100 profiles in which I left a comment.

In conclusion, I can say that this result is quite frustrating. 😀 The 200 comments would certainly be written faster, but in the background, I made a list in order to leave just a single comment on every account. In addition, I wanted to check after a week, which of these accounts have turned into subscribers of FollowTheQuote.

For the new week I would like to try another approach. I will try the sharing of hearts as likes and thumbs up. I think that it could be faster in time than writing a comment everywhere, so I’ll try to deliver a total of 400 likes; 200 on twitter and 200 on instagram. And of course, I’ll keep track of which accounts I’ve visited, to see again at the end of the week, who has converted to subscribers of FollowTheQuote.

Blogpost made with patience and curiosity. Contains advertisement because of naming and linking brands and products. Note privacy policy and Disclaimer.

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