Doing a Project on the Internet – the Self-experiment

New Year and today I start with my small internet project called “Follow The Quote” to see what’s achievable on social media, especially on instagram. I have already documented my first thoughts and experiences with instagram on my blog at On this project page, in the category “Insights on Success” I will continuously record my experiences, hurdles and progress with the project.

After a few considerations I have decided for the topic β€œQuotes”. Although I also like running and chocolate, how can I best secure the progress on my online project? In the case of a sports injury it would be hard to continue developing Content πŸ˜‰ And with the chocolate I would end up with too many calories πŸ˜€ But quotes are always handy; useful for every occasion and can be used at any time in every country of this world.

But how did I proceed to become more concrete with my experimental project? Last month, I had some thoughts on how I could easily set up a project, maintain it, and, of course, ongoing measure it. I also took a closer look at the competitive situation, but also looked more closely at how the users of such services interact with the content. Of course, the first ideas for the project name as well as its contents and structure were created. In addition, I have registered and set up user accounts for the project on relevant social media services and prepared first content for the start. In detail I have prepared 260 hashtags from the thematic context and created a total of 60 quote images – that should be enough for the first month if I publish two pictures a day on Instagram.

Back in 2000, in a self-founded software company called Peperoni, we built various tools (e.g. wapmatic, mcommunity, peperonity and yomowo) to enable people to publish, rate, and share self-generated content on the mobile Internet without programming knowledge. Nowadays, there are a lot of easy to use tools and construction kits to set up your own internet projects. So, I looked for a solution for beginners (like me) and ended up with WordPress for the construction of this website. By the way, I’m not a computer scientist, but this site is now online! πŸ˜‰ The domain registration, the technical configuration and visual design of took me a total of five hours today.

Now an adventure begins that you are welcome to attend πŸ™‚

Blogpost made with patience and curiosity. Contains advertisement because of naming and linking brands and products. Note privacy policy and Disclaimer.

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