Run advertisement on facebook and instagram

In the last seven days we have run an advertising campaign on facebook. The advertisement was simply an already existing post “Never stop dreaming” from 16.01.2019, which was liked by 15 people on instagram up to today. The total budget was set to $15 USD and the promotion was limited to the following criteria: Location – Living in Indonesia and India, Age – between 18 and 45 years, People with interests for Physical fitness, Yoga, Running, Weight training, Bodybuilding or Physical exercise. According to facebook, with these restrictions, the campaign would reach approximately 3,900 to 25,000 people per day (of 76,000,000). In the end, 52,992 people were reached, including 47,984 on instagram and 5,024 on facebook – the result is remarkable, but ok, as the focus of the project „FollowTheQuote“ is currently on instagram.

A look at the advertising clone on instagram shows that the ad was liked by 11,227 of 47,984 accounts, so a share of about 23%, which is pretty good. Although a decent total, but the subscribers jumped from 30 to “only” 62 – and the followers on facebook have risen from 1 to 19. However, it should be remembered that these approximately 11 thousand accounts have at least actively interacted with a post of “FollowTheQuote” in the last few days. This could create potential for even more subscribers, if not all of them were automated programs that responded to specific hashtags. Identifying the exact accounts is not easy, but with a little diligence it was possible to spot some of them. It would definitely be purposeful now to interact with them in the next days in order to potentially get more subscribers from the advertising campaign. 😉

So in the next few days, I’ll think a little bit about the approach of “interacting with the community” and try a few considerations. 😉

Blogpost made with patience and curiosity. Contains advertisement because of naming and linking brands and products. Note privacy policy and Disclaimer.

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