Everybody is out for their own self-interest

Slogan: Everybody is out for their own self-interest.
Slogan: Everybody is out for their own self-interest.
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Health disorders due to constant stress

Constant stress is not a trivial matter, but can be the cause of profound health disorders. But finding out from the constant stress can exceed the possibilities of the individual. Because constant stress is paralyzing, and it often creates other psychological and social problems that stand in the way of a solution – from anxiety disorders and addiction problems to broken relationships or conflicts at work. You shouldn’t let it get that far, especially since many offers of help are free, at least initially.

But who needs professional help? Perhaps it is a good idea to talk to your partner, a good friend, pastor, family doctor or psychotherapist about this first. For an outsider, it is sometimes surprisingly quickly clear where the core of the problem lies.

Seek professional help to help yourself

Doctors can also refer specifically to a counseling center or a suitable therapist. And even if it turns out that professional help is not the right approach, it is still good to talk about your worries in a safe environment and perhaps take some valuable tips home with you.

We can only help ourselves. Any type of successful counseling, training or therapy will “only” be able to do one thing: Initiate learning processes, motivate us to take a new perspective on things and tackle the challenges better from this new perspective. It helps not to block changes from the outset and to be aware that at least some unreasonable unavoidable demands are inevitable.

However, those who only look at the reasonableness may also prevent solutions. Unreasonable demands can also include radical solutions, such as separation from work. Have you been able to identify the causes of your stress problem and what have you done to relieve the pressure? I’m interested in your experiences and maybe you have a clever saying that I can include in the category ‘Ruthless Quotes‘.

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