Your ideal mate doesn’t exist

Slogan: Your ideal mate doesn't exist.
Slogan: Your ideal mate doesn't exist.
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Think of three specific things that you are looking forward to. It doesn’t matter if the events happen on the same day or in the near future, the main thing is that your heart does a little skip when you think about it. You should also be sure that this is going to be really nice. You will think of these three things over and over again throughout the day – and you will surely be amazed at how this will positively change your mood.

The “2 minutes” rule

The 2-minute rule serves to increase productivity in the narrower sense and is intended to help keep life more orderly. It says, “Do anything that takes less than two minutes right now.” Examples can be washing a coffee cup, answering simple e-mails or putting clothes away. You probably have some little things that you often put off.

The great thing is, if you stick to the 2-minute rule and take care of these little things immediately, you benefit twice over. You feel happy and “successful” because you have done something. And you avoid that the little things pile up and at some point really annoy you. In the end, you would have to master them all and this would take you significantly more time.

The “thank you” rule

When we are grateful for something, our body produces more the messenger substances dopamine and serotonin – and these brighten our mood. Well, you might say now, when you have something to be grateful for. You can practice gratitude!

Take a moment each day to think about three things that you are grateful for that day. This can be, for example, in the evening on the way home or on your last visit to the bathroom. For example, you can be grateful to the dear colleague who noticed that you are not doing well, or something general like your beautiful home. This not only gives you a little moment of happiness, but also trains your eye for the positive. And in the really big ideal case, that even turns into deep and long-term satisfaction over time.

What are you grateful for in your life? Tell me how you always keep yourself motivated and think positively. I try to express my gratitude by writing, for example in the category ‘Ruthless Quotes‘. And there is always something in life for which we can be grateful.

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