Your successful friends don’t post motivational quotes

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What about you and your friends?

If you read “Your successful friends don’t post motivational quotes”, then you can already wonder if it’s true. Successful people may not have time for quotes, but perhaps the secret behind them is that they read, write, and share quotes with other people. Do you have friends who are successful but don’t post quotes online or send them in groups?

Recognize opportunities

When one door closes, another opens. And that very often leads you a little closer to happiness in life. How often are people desperate after they quit and shortly afterwards found exactly the job they had always wanted. How often has a relationship broken up that, in retrospect, was not so happy and that paved the way for a fulfilled relationship with the dream partner. Therefore, trust that the future has something better in store for you if you look forward to it in a positive mood. As the saying goes: when a door closes, a new one opens.

Think positive – See happiness in small ways too

Often we only look at the big picture when it comes to happiness and joy. And then we complain how long the next vacation is still away and what an insolently easy life the girlfriend has without doing anything for it. And so you sit frustrated in your pessimist hole and wait for the big bang, the lottery win, the next long vacation in paradise. And till then? Shove frustration? Let negative thoughts rule your life? No!

Start seeing happiness in small things. Enjoy the little things in everyday life. A hot cup of coffee in the morning or in the evening, stretch your feet on the couch and loll on the pillows with someone who loves you. Those are nice moments. Be aware of this and don’t wait for the big bang or the prince. Enjoy the moment. Even the little ones.

Even if these little joys sound small compared to a million in the lottery, they are in the majority and make you feel pretty good day in and day out. That you think positively and look optimistically into the world. Because the next little happy moment is not just next summer, but maybe in the next moment.

You can find more honest quotes in the “Ruthless Quotes” category. Do you also know good quotes or motto? Then write to me and I’ll create a slogan – I’m looking forward to your message.

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