All relationships end. You either break up or you die

Slogan: All relationships end. You either break up or you die.
Slogan: All relationships end. You either break up or you die.
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I can never do that! If you think like this, you will probably not achieve your goal either. No matter where we want to go – it starts in our mind. Again and again we should therefore motivate ourselves and reward ourselves for small successes. Because most of the time, it only crosses the finish line piece by piece.

Think positive

Those who feel stressed are flooded with negative thoughts and pessimistic expectations. “Think positively!” Seems more of a mockery than a way out. How positive or how negative we see and evaluate ourselves has little to do with our real qualities and abilities. Beautiful people see themselves no less critically than less beautiful people and even professional models usually have a lot to complain about.

Our self-image is not based on an absolute standard, but on what psychologists call the horizon of expectations. The expectations that the “evaluator in our head” whispers to us. These evaluations can be influenced, at least in part. Even if this type of self-manipulation cannot move mountains, we can use it to feel more positive.

Develop a positive self-image

Thinking positively means evaluating yourself more positively or simply changing your perspective. Instead of thinking “What has been left behind today”, it is better to think “What I have achieved today”. So basically thinking positively means being nice to yourself and having respect for yourself.

But thinking positively is more. It also consists of motivating yourself and expressing yourself positively. Thinking positively also means expecting good things from other people. Seeing others as positive instead of negative. Psychologists know from many experiments that one influences others through one’s expectations. This power can also be used in relationships.

And how did you bring positive thinking into a relationship? Tell me about your experiences and inspire me to write even more thoughtful quotes in the ‘Ruthless Quotes‘ category. We can learn so much from each other.

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