Everyone will disappoint you eventually

Slogan: Everyone will disappoint you eventually.
Slogan: Everyone will disappoint you eventually.
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When setting goals, it is important that you formulate as precisely as possible what you want to achieve. So instead of saying, “I want to be happy,” you’d better set a goal like, “I want to find the right partner and a job that fulfills me.” Only those who know their goal exactly can also pursue and achieve it.

Do not overdo it with goals and think in stages

Prioritize your goals and don’t set too many at the same time! It is more effective to focus on a few than to dance to too many weddings at the same time.

It is more motivating to set partial goals than to tackle the big picture straight away. Because whoever reaches a small stage goal again and again feels confirmed and collects a lot of positive experiences in between. So try breaking down your long-term goals into a few small stages.

Reward yourself for your success and set new goals

Did you have a little success? Great, then reward yourself for it – for example with a good meal, a gift or a wellness trip. Your motivation will grow – and you will achieve even more in the end.

After the goal is before the goal! Resting on your laurels for too long after achieving your goals brings you to a standstill at some point. Having crossed a finish line often gives you an extra boost in motivation. So: Set new goals – and let’s go!

My goals are varied, I have to admit. But my big goal is to visit every country in the world. But I still have to travel a lot to visit almost 200 countries. And what are your goals? If you are looking for ideas to think about, please have a look at my overview ‘Ruthless Quotes‘.

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