People are really great as long as you don’t get to know them

Slogan: People are really great as long as you don't get to know them.
Slogan: People are really great as long as you don't get to know them.
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Women in particular tend to always function and suppress the fact that they are actually on the verge of collapsing due to stress. Everyone has to learn individually to admit that they are overwhelmed by certain situations or tasks.

Learning to compensate for stressful situations and relaxation techniques

From the office chair straight to your home on the sofa, where you can just lie there until bedtime? Sure you can do that, but it shouldn’t go like this all the time. In order to cope with stress, we need to balance the stress factors. This can be, for example, sports in a club, a weekly meeting with your best friend or a visit to a wellness hotel on the weekend.

There are several relaxation techniques that are recommended when managing stress. They help those affected to fade out the environment and draw new energy. The programs include, for example, yoga, autogenic training and so-called progressive muscle relaxation. The programs can be learned at home, for example via online programs, as well as via coaches or courses.

Active relaxation and self-talk

After a stressful day, you usually want nothing more than to fall on the sofa and let yourself be showered by the television program. However, this type of stress management is of little help. It is much better to actively relax and, for example, play sports, exercise in the fresh air or cook with friends. Our body shuts down automatically and we clear our heads.

This tip sounds ridiculous at first, but talking to ourselves can actually reduce stress. In stressful situations it is also perfectly allowed to swear out loud and get angry. Those who tend to belong to the introverted types can reach for the diary and write down the frustration. Often these measures work wonders and make us feel much more liberated.

And how do you relax on stressful days? I try to find a balance with sport. Write me your tips and tricks for reducing stress. And if you can’t think of anything, take a look at my collection ‘Ruthless Quotes‘ of inspiring quotes.

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