Some problems can’t be solved

Slogan: Some problems can't be solved.
Slogan: Some problems can't be solved.
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With the right stress management, we learn to cope better with everyday stress. We reveal seven strategies for the best stress management.

What is stress management?

Everyone has stress in everyday life. But not all people can handle it well – and those who do not have the right stress management and are therefore under constant tension risk consequences for their health. Basically, stress management is about methods or strategies from psychology that are intended to simplify dealing with stress factors. Correct stress management enables us to withstand the stresses of everyday life better.

Those who are already deep in the stress spiral tend to adopt negative thought patterns. These thought patterns should be positively reinterpreted in stress management so that formulations like “I can’t” or “I have to” become sentences like “I can” and “I want to”. As a result, the person concerned feels more self-determined and learns that it is in their own hands to deal with the stress better. This also includes letting go if, for example, you have performed every task in a perfectionist manner and accordingly have high demands on yourself. Accepting mistakes and refraining from your own perfectionism is a great strength.

Learn time management

In the workplace in particular, good time management helps you work through all of the tasks at hand without creating too much stress. The correct prioritization of tasks helps so that the work does not grow too much. To-do lists make it easier to keep track of what is most important and most time-critical in stressful situations. In addition, your own working time should be divided into small blocks – for example, after an hour of concentrated work, you can take a five-minute break and get up and walk around a bit to clear your head.

Just as important: identify and eliminate interferers. Anything that distracts from the task acts as a disruptor – this includes, for example, cell phones and social media. These should be faded out in the concentrated work block in order to avoid stress. The cell phone, for example, is switched to silent and put in the drawer and the social medium is blocked.

And how do you deal with stress in your life? Tell me your best tips and tricks to reduce stress. I try to reduce my stress level with exercise. And sometimes writing articles in the category ‘Ruthless Quotes‘ also helps me to relieve stress.

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