Your idols are just idiots like the rest of us

Slogan: Your idols are just idiots like the rest of us.
Slogan: Your idols are just idiots like the rest of us.
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In our modern performance society, we all too quickly forget how well we are actually doing. Although we have no reason to do so, we often long for things that we have long since owned but do not see at all. I will show you ways and means how you can lead a happy life.

Simple tips for a happy life

Man is a very social being. We need people around us so we don’t feel lonely. No matter how fixated on your career or work, ensure a stable and warm social environment and cultivate it in the form of friendships, partnerships and other contacts. It is one of your most important treasures and will be helpful to you everywhere in life. Create an efficient network of people who do you good and help you, be it privately or on the way to your goals.

If you do not have such a network so far, join an association or take on voluntary work (e.g. voluntary fire brigade, Red Cross). You will see how quickly you – even as a previously introverted person – will make new friendships.

Eat yourself happy

I don’t know about you, but I like to eat for my life. And not exactly in small quantities. When eating, too, make sure that you mainly eat things that are good for you.

Make sure that you cook for yourself whenever possible, or at least eat a healthy diet so that you can go to bed without a guilty conscience. Just the feeling of having eaten healthy will do you good and your body will thank you umpteen times over.

If you have been eating less healthily so far, forget about all the diets in the world first. Eating less or differently for a limited time for a few days or weeks also only helps for a limited time. If you want to change something in the long term, you have to change something yourself in the long term. So make sure that you start by eating healthy one day a week and then keep improving until it has become normal for you.

What is your favorite food? When I feel bad, I like to treat myself to a delicious piece of cake and a delicious tea. And then I read through the inspirational quotes in my collection ‘Ruthless Quotes‘.

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