Bad times don’t make good times any better. They just suck

Slogan: Bad times don't make good times any better. They just suck.
Slogan: Bad times don't make good times any better. They just suck.
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Work five days a week, but only two off. Paying bills every month for things that we need for life, but which do not give us any real joy or happiness (anymore). Conflicts with your partner, bad weather, excessive demands and other people who are in a better figure than you, do cooler things and somehow constantly drive in the fast lane. Yes, life can seem pretty caustic and unjust. But in truth it is not. Unless we make a critical mistake…

This habit is a guarantee of dissatisfaction

For many unhappy people, the main cause of their dissatisfaction is not at all due to certain incidents that are currently spoiling their mood or to their oh-so-hard life themselves, but – sorry that we are now saying this so harshly – solely due to them. More precisely, in a very specific habit that inevitably prevents them from being happy: brooding and thinking things up excessively.

Admittedly, thinking, doubting and all other mental activities have brought us quite a long way and are theoretically also great tools with which we can cobble together a happy and fulfilled life. But if you overdo it or do it wrong, you almost always make yourself unhappy – for a simple, logical reason.

That is why brooding inevitably makes you unhappy

When we think about something, it is mostly things from the past or the future. For example: “Phew, I have so much to do next week. How am I supposed to do this?” or: “Oh man, I really shouldn’t have said that! I will certainly never hear anything about him again …” We are rarely with our thoughts in the present moment – we cannot be at all, because the now is over faster when we got it mentally. Only when meditating do we usually live completely in the present.

But when we think about future or past things, we are in an impotent role – because from the current situation we cannot change anything, i.e. neither improve something that appears to be a mistake in retrospect, nor a challenge that makes us afraid make, tick off. The more we think about it, the stronger our feeling of powerlessness becomes. And the less we experience or perceive what is happening around us – and which could bring us a feeling of happiness.

And what habits make you unhappy and dissatisfied? I always find it difficult to get rid of bad habits, even when I try hard. Feel free to write me your experiences. And if you still want to ponder a little, then take a look at the overview ‘Ruthless Quotes‘.

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