You won’t make a difference

Slogan: You won't make a difference.
Slogan: You won't make a difference.
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Using thoughts positively

We cannot (and do not want to) simply switch off our thoughts. We will always reflect on our past and mentally prepare or plan for our future, and in and of itself that is perfectly okay (and even good). But whenever we notice that we are stuck and mentally drifting completely into another time zone, we should try to bring ourselves back to the present. Tick ​​off what we can’t change at the moment and distract ourselves with questions like: “What is important now?”, “What do I have to do next?” or “What can I do today to make the challenge that awaits me less of a burden?”

But don’t worry, that’s not all you can do to make yourself happy. There are plenty of other inspirations, for example little things that make you happier in less than 10 minutes or simple everyday rules for more satisfaction. And if you have a rough idea of ​​what is making you unhappy but don’t know how to break out, here’s how to change it.

Does this really have anything to do with me?

Tuesday morning in the office, the sun is shining – and your favorite colleague is totally curt and weird. In a situation like this, do you happen to ask yourself immediately what you could have done wrong? Well, maybe you should ask yourself if everything really revolves around you? Perhaps the colleague had stress with her boyfriend, stomach ache or simply slept badly. Everyone has so much to do with themselves, the only one whose life and mood you can really influence is you. So we can confidently question whether it makes sense and is right to relate the behavior of others to us put! And the same applies here: When in doubt, just open your mouth!

Fortunately, I rarely have self-doubts, but how about you? It is difficult to maintain confidence all the time, but it should be done. Tell me when you had doubts about yourself and how you came up with positive thoughts again. Also visit my collection ‘Ruthless Quotes‘ with other great quotes about life.

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