Better to be late than to arrive ugly

Slogan: Better to be late than to arrive ugly.
Slogan: Better to be late than to arrive ugly.
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Always look for the good in a situation

There is almost always something good about a situation, if only something you can learn from it. You can also interpret obstacles as challenges, mistakes as learning areas. If you haven’t found a parking space near your apartment, you can either get annoyed or enjoy the little evening stroll. If the food you need for your recipe is sold out, this is a chance to experiment with something new.

When it comes to the big, existential issues, it is often very difficult to find something positive. “It’ll be good for something” is unhelpful advice for someone mourning a terrible loss. But on a small scale, there are countless ways to take a closer look and find out the positive. And finally, this will also work with larger issues.

Happiness – accept reality

Another important point for becoming happy is to accept the reality that currently surrounds you. Dissatisfaction often comes from simply not wanting to accept things. Do you want to change your partner, the circumstances of your work, the fact that you are single? This lack of acceptance of their current situation leads to frustration. And those who are a lot frustrated are less happy. Accept what you cannot change. Change what you don’t want to accept.

And how do you manage to always think positively in everyday life? Although I collect cheeky and direct quotes in the ‘Ruthless Quotes‘ category, I am very interested in positive motivation. Write me your experiences or your favorite quote about motivation.

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