I know everything happens for a reason. But WTF?

Slogan: I know everything happens for a reason. But WTF?
Slogan: I know everything happens for a reason. But WTF?
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Smoking, picking our nails, a chocolate bar after lunch or the glass of wine in the evening that always makes us so lazy the next morning. Don’t we all have at least one habit that really annoys us? And which, despite insight and iron discipline, we simply cannot get rid of? Maybe it’s because we’re getting the wrong approach to weaning.

The habit is not good for me.

Most try to motivate and convince themselves to break a habit by considering its negative consequences and repercussions. But that’s exactly the wrong way to go. Sure, if we smoke or eat too much sugar, it has a negative impact on our health and is not good for us. But every habit brings something positive, otherwise we would not have started it. A portion of good mood thanks to a serotonin kick, a stress valve or security – behind every habit there is a need that satisfies it.

How are you doing better? Do not see the habit as a hostile burden, but first make friends with it, accept it and explore what it brings us positively. Then we can either do something about the cause (for example, if the habit is a stress valve, we should reduce our stress if possible) or think of an alternative to satisfy the need.

I just have to want enough and be disciplined.

In order to get rid of negative habits, we need above all discipline and willpower – many think. But they did the math without our brain! That is what drives us permanently to do things that trigger positive emotions. However, because discipline and renunciation are not fun, our brains cross with such a weaning approach.

How are you doing better? Quite simply: We make our brain our partner in crime – by offering it positive incentives and rewarding us for every success. For example, we can party really badly and pat on the shoulder every time we endure the boring meeting without finger-poking. Or we note it lovingly and colorfully with hearts and smileys in the calendar. Such small measures are often enough to convince our brain that life is much happier without the annoying habit.

Do you have bad habits? Tell me what you always wanted to change, but never found the strength to do it. And if you are looking for food for thought, visit my collection ‘Ruthless Quotes‘.

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