Life is stupid and hard

Slogan: Life is stupid and hard.
Slogan: Life is stupid and hard.
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Think positive – be your savior yourself

Nobody is nice to you and you feel lonely and unloved? Then love yourself. Give yourself flowers and treat yourself to a champagne on the balcony. Toast that you exist because you are such a nice person. Often we wait for someone who makes our life really great. Why? Happiness is in yourself and you have to see to it that it comes to power.

Even someone who loves you and goes through life with you is not responsible for your happiness. That’s you alone. Therefore, make sure that your life is good on your own. And if someone close to your heart makes it even more positive: all the better. Thinking positively is essential to be motivated and active in life. Thinking positively makes us more successful, happier and more satisfied. What more do you want?

Positive Thinking – Refute negative thoughts

Most worries and negative thoughts are based on assumptions about the future. Regardless of whether general (“It never works!”) Or personally (“I can’t do that.”): Punish these self-statements. Here, too, your notes from the diary will help. Or thorough research. In most cases, pessimism is unfounded. As the saying goes: “We should worry less about things that we cannot control anyway.”

Positive thinking means taking responsibility – for life and your actions. Quite a few people take refuge in the role of victim because it is more convenient. Then others or the circumstances are to blame. Practically. By taking responsibility, you regain control. You pick up the proverbial steering wheel again – and make the most of everything.

Hopefully my direct quotations in the overview ‘Ruthless Quotes‘ will help you to critically question your actions. But also to always start thinking positively. Write to me how you manage to stay positive in everyday life.

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