When nothing goes right… go left

Slogan: When nothing goes right... go left.
Slogan: When nothing goes right... go left.
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Get rid of negative attitudes and nonsensical to-dos

How do you go through life Are you the type of person who thinks the glass is half full? Or for half empty? If you’re one of the pessimists, make a difference. It may take a while, but if you try to reform yourself, it will get better over time.

When planning your day, don’t primarily think about what’s going to be negative, but formulate it positively for yourself. You will be able to master things and check off the to-do list. And you should think carefully about how you can make the most of this day despite annoying appointments. Because every day should be worth it to us.

Always keep positive thoughts in focus

With negative thoughts in stressful times, remind yourself again and again that you alone determine your view of the world. That certainly motivates you to think positively a lot more often. And if your everyday life really consists entirely of stressful and negative things, then you can change that too. Your attitude can make a big difference, as can systematic mucking out in everyday life. Get rid of nonsensical activities and apparent to-dos that burden you so negatively every day.

Negative thoughts can have tremendous power. They destroy our mood, our courage and our joy. But you don’t have to give them that power. You can simply withdraw your attention from negative thoughts. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t be there anymore. But they don’t have that much of an impact on you anymore.

And this is how it works: If you find that you are dealing with worries, fears, self-reproach or other negative thoughts again, you draw an energetic line in your mind and turn to other things. Distract yourself from the negative thoughts, they won’t help you anyway.

And what is your secret to always think positively and to successfully master all challenges in everyday life? With my direct quotes in the ‘Ruthless Quotes‘ category, I try to stimulate you to think and look forward to your feedback.

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