Short and honest: You are not safe

Slogan: You are not safe.
Slogan: You are not safe.
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There are thoughts that we just can’t get rid of. For hours we play through certain (past or future, mostly unpleasant) situations in our head in all conceivable facets – only to get tangled up in the should-could instead of arriving at a result.

This is how you can stop the carousel of thoughts

Sometimes it’s a specific problem. Or we are afraid of something that is still to come. Sometimes we have a lump in the brain and sometimes spoiling your day with negative thoughts and worries is just a bad habit.

Either way, we should try to stop this carousel of thought. Because the feeling of losing control of your thoughts not only blocks us from all the positives in life, but in the worst case can also lead to depression or an anxiety disorder.

To stop the carousel of thought and get closer to solving the problem, you can ask yourself the following question. What can I do to achieve my goal? Be clear about the specific steps you can take to get a problem out of the way. This will reduce your fears and get you out of your brooding.

Do what is good for you

Negative thoughts trigger negative feelings in us. Anyone who worries becomes fearful. But our behavior also influences our feelings. So when we do something we like – be it the favorite movie on the couch or a meeting with our best friend – our spirits brighten too.

And when we are in a good mood, we can think more clearly and look at things from a different perspective. In addition, our favorite activity distracts us from our worries. And what is good for you? Write me your favorite activity that will distract you from negative thoughts.

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