Some people have good reasons for not liking you

Slogan: Some people have good reasons for not liking you.
Slogan: Some people have good reasons for not liking you.
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Question your negative thoughts and get rid of them

When you know exactly what the content of your negative thoughts is, ask yourself the following question: Is the thought justified? Many people have internalized the attitude that they always see the bad. Do you see things more negatively than they are? Then ask yourself what feelings the negative thoughts trigger in you. Are they helping you in any way? Are they driving you to do something? Or do they just make you feel uncomfortable and maybe even paralyze you in your everyday life?

For example, have you long dreamed of changing something in your life? But you don’t dare because you are afraid of it and negative thoughts arise in you, such as “I can’t do it anyway”. Then do the following: Think of all the possible scenarios for how the situation could develop. Write down what the worst possible development would be. Then come up with solutions for how you would deal with this situation. Then you already have a plan of what to do if the scenario really occurs.

Positive Thinking Exercises: Keep a Gratitude Journal

Even if everything looks bad sometimes, there are definitely a lot of things in your life for which you can be grateful. By keeping a gratitude journal, you will focus your gaze on these things rather than the lack of perception. Just write down three things that you are grateful for every morning or evening. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same over and over again. The main thing is that you notice that they are there. And over time, you will notice more and more positive things in your life.

Do you also keep a diary? Maybe you don’t just write down moments and things that you are grateful for. Personally, I have a small diary, even if I don’t write something in every day. Above all, I like to write down cheeky quotes that you can also find in my collection ‘Ruthless Quotes‘.

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