It’s okay to disappear until you feel like you again

Slogan: It's okay to disappear until you feel like you again.
Slogan: It's okay to disappear until you feel like you again.
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Happiness – go one day after the other

Habits need time to develop. Changes in the brain and the deposit of old heaviness need patience. It’s like sports: If you have regularly overcome your inner pork dog for the first 3 months, it runs like itself. But that only succeeds if you tackle it a day after another. Again and again. Then slowly slip into the mode of habit.

Three exercises for positive thinking

Beware of negative-denons

Whether we are positive or negative, also depends on the people who surround us. If you are constantly dealing with people who complain and whining, then this negative setting also turns on you. Conversely, fun, funny people can make us happier to us. In your area, predominate the miese meaders or the sun children?

Make your success with positive thinking

Even if sometimes it may not feel like that. You have already reached a lot in your life. Make a list with all the successes that come to you. Belonging e.g. Your school graduates, driver’s license, relocation, your children or difficult situations you mastered.

If you think, a whole lot will certainly come together. Complete this list again and again with the little things that you encounter every day. You finally have made an overdue medical appointment or repaired the dripping faucet? Great! A daily “Made-my-Day” list motivates much stronger than a to-do list.

Start the day with positive thoughts

If you start right in the morning, consciously thinking something positive, the rest of the day runs better. This exercise helps: Spend you every morning in a situation in which you were really well, in which you were happy and carefree and felt really comfortable.

And what little exercises did you find for you to make positive thoughts? Tell us about your experiences with negative thoughts and how you quickly got rid of them. And if someone needs more suggestion to think, like to look in my category ‘Ruthless Quotes‘.

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