Stop choosing what isn’t choosing you

Slogan: Stop choosing what isn't choosing you.
Slogan: Stop choosing what isn't choosing you.
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Even the most self-confident person will doubt himself every now and then. And that’s not so bad, because self-doubt is similar to perfectionism.

Healthy types of self-doubt

There are unhealthy types of self-doubt that primarily get in our own way. But also healthy ones who move us forward, strengthen us and help us develop. And we should even make the following self-doubts a habit in everyday life!

Who does not know that. Someone makes a thoughtless remark (eg: “It would be best for you to have vacation every four weeks”) and we feel very nasty attacked by it (“Is that supposed to mean I’m lazy?”). In truth, however, the statement was not intended as an attack at all, but perhaps even dear (“As adventurous as you are, you need a vacation every four weeks”). Therefore, before we are angry and offended, we could doubt our interpretation of statements more often – and if necessary simply ask.

Am I making the problem bigger than it is?

Missed deadline, forgotten birthday, no time for your best friend, no money for a great wedding present, relationship at the end. All things that stress us like hell and can give us the feeling that a world is collapsing. But the truth is that more than 7 billion people are not even aware of it.

We tend to perceive our problems, mistakes and mistakes as catastrophes, but actually they are mostly trivialities (unless we are the often mentioned emergency surgeon, on whose presence a human life depends). So it doesn’t hurt to simply ask ourselves about one or the other “catastrophe”. Is it all really that bad or am I maybe a bit dramatized?

And do you also have self-doubts? Tell me what moves you mentally and how you can bring yourself back to positive thoughts. By reading and writing cheeky motto in the category ‘Ruthless Quotes‘, I try to reflect my thoughts.

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