Stop imagining fake scenarios and hurting your own feelings

Slogan: Stop imagining fake scenarios and hurting your own feelings.
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Stop telling yourself untruths

Sometimes we think of things and situations ourselves that don’t even exist in order to deal with everyday problems better. In the long run this is not at all good for us, so that the motto “Stop imagining fake scenarios and hurting your own feelings” comes across as cheeky, but contains a certain truth.

In need of a new attitude towards life?

Everyone can learn to think positively. The power of positive thoughts makes you happy, successful and changes our lives for the better. This has nothing to do with naive wishful thinking or beautiful painting. Studies show that being happy only depends ten percent on the circumstances. Our thinking is much more important. It influences our attitude towards life to 40 percent.

Think positive – Accept anger and shake it away out of your head

Yes, there are problems, situations, stress and bad experiences in life. But never let them take control of you! Anyone who is disproportionately annoyed about every mistake spends far too much time with negative thoughts. Also take on the really difficult situations in life instead of quarreling with them forever.

Those who never forgive themselves mistakes and decisions extend their suffering immeasurably. At some point we have to let go and let things be good. Just to be open to new things. So take on reality, but forgive yourself for your mistakes. Tell yourself that this won’t happen to you again, that you will be smarter and more experienced in the future. We should learn from mistakes and make something positive out of them instead of remaining in negative feelings. The saying “Fall down, get up, straighten the crown” makes sense.

What makes you happy?

Happiness is first and foremost an emotion: the feeling of satisfaction, according to the state of research. Feelings, however, can be influenced to a certain extent. Happiness research, which by the way is not a fad but has been systematically carried out since antiquity until today, has found the following: If you want to be happy, you first have to learn to differentiate.

You can find more heartless, but sincere quotes in our category “Ruthless Quotes”. Leave me a comment about what makes you happy and how you avoid negative feelings. I look forward to exchanging ideas.

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