There are no constants in life

Slogan: There are no constants in life.
Slogan: There are no constants in life.
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There are exercises against anger and against stress. It’s about reducing the pressure of the upcoming to-do list or dealing with difficult colleagues.

My random teachers

In the next few days you are sure to meet someone who you normally find a nuisance or a pain in the ass. Now consciously regard this person as a teacher. Ask yourself what this opposite shows me about me.
Often it is precisely the traits and behavior that annoy us about others that we reject and do not allow ourselves. For example, our picky or our lazy side. With a little humor, this mind game is very instructive. In the end, you become less angry with others and learn a lot about yourself.

Always stay friendly

Allow yourself to be kind to yourself for a day. Imagine a friend who you like very much whispers in your ear over and over again: “I like the way you are”. And if something goes wrong, the friendly voice cheers you up and whispers in your ear: “I think you can do a lot of things very well.” Don’t worry about whether these appreciative words are embarrassing or realistic. Just give it a try when you get the chance.

Usually you wait for others to cheer you up or strengthen you. Instead of hoping for it, take it into your own hands. When was the last time you cheered yourself up? Tell me how you do it and whether it was good for you.

Smiling opens the hearts of others. And when you smile, you stimulate muscles that actually trigger the good mood via central circuits in the brain. So put on an honest smile with your clothes today too. Smile whenever you think about your daily task.

In my collection ‘Ruthless Quotes‘, I write down many inspiring quotes. Perhaps you will also find quotes there that will motivate and cheer you up in everyday life.

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