You will never stop hurting people you love

Slogan: You will never stop hurting people you love.
Slogan: You will never stop hurting people you love.
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Far too often we do things that we really didn’t want to do, just to do other people a favor. Of course, this is not particularly beneficial for our mood.

Learn to say “no”

Therefore, make sure to concentrate more often on yourself and your needs instead of always trying to please everyone. Always wanting to please everyone will at some point earn you the reputation of a yes-sayer and will mean that a “no” will no longer be accepted by you. You should avoid that at all costs. And by the way, a friendly “no” is often more humane than a lied “yes”.

There are situations in life where we don’t really know whether to dare or not. Make sure that in such situations you listen to your gut more often instead of meticulously analyzing everything with your head. Many things cannot be decided rationally, no matter how long you try. Be it the question of whether we want to enter into a relationship or give someone a second chance, or whether we want to emigrate or maybe back home.

Always smile

It has been proven that a smile has a direct influence on our mood, even if it is only fake. We even arrive differently on the phone when we talk to us with a smile on our face.

It is not for nothing that some salespeople make phone calls in front of a mirror to check their facial expressions during the call. Even if you’re not feeling well, try a smile. Your environment will love it and your subconscious will be grateful to you. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood with a smile on your face.

And when was the last time you said “no”? Tell me the story behind it and how you felt afterwards. I collect many stimulating quotes under ‘Ruthless Quotes‘ and look forward to your experiences and suggestions.

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