You’ll never be satisfied with what you have

Slogan: You'll never be satisfied with what you have.
Slogan: You'll never be satisfied with what you have.
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Draw your attention to your body

If you worry too much, you can quickly get the feeling that your head is exploding. Therefore, draw your attention to your body. To stop the carousel of thoughts and to recharge your batteries, exercise and sport are very important!

It has been proven that the body produces serotonin and dopamine while exercising. When these happiness hormones are released, you immediately feel happier and more carefree. At the same time, during exercise, hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are broken down, which make you feel stressed. Exercise is the perfect way to get rid of your negative thoughts and replace them with positive feelings.

Meditate regularly

Whether you meditate or pray: Both provide more clarity in the mind and inner peace. The positive effect of meditation has long been scientifically proven: concentration increases, so does life expectancy. We feel more joy and energy, even the lifestyle becomes healthier.

Meditation helps to bring the focus to the here and now. To do this, take a comfortable position lying down or sitting, close your eyes and concentrate on your insides and your breathing. To do this, inhale slowly and deeply and exhale again in the same way. Exhaling when the stomach is arched is particularly important because this is where tension is released. If you don’t breathe properly, everything becomes cramped. Guided meditations are recommended for further relaxation.

Since mediation is not for me, I try to go to the gym regularly. And what kind of sport do you do that makes you happy? I am convinced that sport is important not only to keep fit, but also to have a positive outlook on life. Feel free to visit my category ‘Ruthless Quotes‘ for more inspirational quotes.

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