Short and honest: Never. Give up.

Slogan: Never. Give up.
Slogan: Never. Give up.
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When we are happy, life is simply more beautiful. But when we are unhappy on the other hand – one wrong look is enough to lead our thoughts astray all day. Can we do something to be happy and dance through life as often as possible instead of struggling through? Fortunately, we can even do a lot to give our positive energy a boost.

Tips to reduce stress

Relieving stress is not that easy. Especially when we are completely caught up in everyday life. Here are a few tips and exercises that will help you switch off and recharge your batteries. Most people know it all too well, this feeling when the stress doesn’t let go of you. When you are tense inside and you can’t switch off in bed even in the evening.

Because the stress of everyday life cannot always be delegated or reduced. If the children take over you, then you can hardly avoid it and if our skills are in demand in the job, then we have to function here as well. So what to do when the stress gets out of hand? Anyone who knows strategies to reduce stress in these moments can do a lot for their health and well-being. Because the stop button when it comes to stress is sometimes not that easy to find.

What causes stress in our body?

Of course, stress can also be positive in that we have a run or work our way through a task quickly and at full speed. In this case, stress increases lower performance. And once we have successfully mastered a task, our self-confidence increases. So stress also has its good sides. We like to say: “I just work better under pressure”.

And there is a simple reason for that. Because your body goes into a different mode in stressful situations. One of the reasons for this is the stress hormone cortisol, which is released by the adrenal cortex. This is initially very helpful for the body, because together with the stress hormone adrenaline, the cortisol ensures that the body is particularly efficient in a difficult situation. The blood pressure goes up and so does the pulse. The body is now ready to react quickly and effectively. A very simple survival trick.

When was the last time you felt negative stress and how were you able to reduce this stress again? I like to go for a run in the fresh air when I’m feeling stressed. And after that I usually feel much better, so that I can write on my articles in the category ‘Ruthless Quotes‘ again.

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