Brains are awesome. If only everyone had one

Slogan: Brains are awesome. If only everyone had one.
Slogan: Brains are awesome. If only everyone had one.
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Instead of continuing to ponder what could go wrong, we should focus on our sanity. Because it reminds us pretty quickly that our fears are irrational.

Focus on your strengths

You can find something positive in almost every situation – no matter how tiny it may seem. For example, you can ask yourself: What did you learn from the negative event? Such thoughts build self-confidence and make it easier to process the painful experience.

Shit happens. For everybody, over and over again. Even so, we like to think that the world will end, or at least we will be forever unhappy when Case X happens. But honestly, how often have things gone stupid in your life? It is not uncommon for us to emerge strengthened from difficult situations. Our brain is amazingly adaptable. With the right mindset, we can deal with pretty much any crisis. Instead of bathing in misery, we should focus on our strengths and recall all the difficult moments that we have already overcome in the course of our lives.

Flatter the soul

We often tend to punish ourselves for negative experiences – especially when we blame ourselves for them. However, this is fatal, because self-destructive thoughts only feed the pain further. It is much better to do yourself a lot of good after or during a difficult time and to caress your soul, for example through a vacation or small moments of pleasure. The motto should be: When I feel bad, I hug myself. This is the only way to give less space to painful thoughts and they will disappear more and more over time.

What were you brooding about the other day? I am often thoughtful, but then I try to quickly find the positive thoughts. And when it doesn’t work out so well, I always enjoy reading the inspiring quotes and texts in the collection ‘Ruthless Quotes‘.

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