Don’t pretend to be something you aren’t

Slogan: Don't pretend to be something you aren't.
Slogan: Don't pretend to be something you aren't.
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Stress does not only arise from negative moments, from tasks that stress us out because they are difficult or we are reluctant to do them. Stress can also often be self-imposed. Namely when we plan too much of our free time. Instead of using the time just for ourselves to relax and relieve stress, we clock the few hours in the evening and on the weekend.

Reduce stress in everyday life

Be it meeting friends, having a beer with colleagues after work or a romantic dinner in the evening. If we just run from one event to the next, that too can cause stress. No matter how nice these activities are, if they are timed too closely, they unfortunately cause an even greater level of stress.

Therefore, make a conscious decision to take breaks here as well. Everyone likes to do something on the weekend, also to simply switch off from the week. But sometimes even that creates more stress than fun. Then take a little break. An evening when you just don’t have any plans is often worth gold.

Reduce stress through a healthy diet

A balanced diet can also help declare war on stress. Because it is not uncommon for us to simply lack the strength for the exertions of everyday life because we eat poorly.

A healthy diet is important in order to provide our body with sufficient energy and to be prepared for the demands of the day. If you feel tired all the time, have your blood values ​​checked. Perhaps there is also malnutrition behind it.

And how do you eat – more healthy or unhealthy? Tell me if you can reduce stress with a healthy diet. I try to write down positive experiences in the category ‘Ruthless Quotes‘. Perhaps these inspirational quotes will also help other people go through life in a more positive way.

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