Half the truth is often a whole lie

Slogan: Half the truth is often a whole lie.
Slogan: Half the truth is often a whole lie.
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Stress is a physical or emotional pressure that is triggered by certain stimuli and can affect our health. For example, it can lead to heart disease, tension in the body or burnout. Stress only becomes negative when it leads to permanent tension and frequent exhaustion. In this case, one speaks of distress, which is caused by certain stress factors. So reducing stress is essential to staying healthy in the long run.

Get enough sleep

A healthy sleep lays the foundation for our wellbeing. Depending on the biorhythm, seven to eight hours of sleep are usually optimal for our body to regenerate. It is also important that we go to bed at regular times and that sources of interference such as the television or street lights are banished from the bedroom.

A study shows that two to three power naps a week for 20 minutes each can improve our heart health. In addition, taking a short nap after lunch not only reduces daytime tiredness, but can also relieve stress.

To go offline

Our cell phone ensures that we are always available nowadays. However, it is important to switch off after work, which is why we should simply leave our mobile phone in our handbag in our free time or switch it off immediately. Even if it is difficult, a digital break has a positive effect on our well-being and helps to reduce stress.

Diet is also an important part of reducing stress. Food that is too fatty or too sugary is not exactly conducive to lowering our blood pressure. Instead, you should focus on energy-rich food, drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

And what exercises or habits do you have to significantly reduce stress? Sport is often used to not only exercise, but above all to relieve emotional stress. I also realized that writing makes me feel more comfortable. You can find all my thoughts and questions in the category ‘Ruthless Quotes‘.

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