I’m not lazy, I’m on energy saving mode

Slogan: I'm not lazy, I'm on energy saving mode.
Slogan: I'm not lazy, I'm on energy saving mode.
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Positive thinking – identify triggers

“All crap!” – Generalizations like these quickly become beliefs. If things don’t go smoothly in the job, your entire life will turn into a crisis in no time at all. Only one singular (and often meaningless) event overshadows the rest. To think more positively, question what the reason behind the bad thoughts is. Without evaluating the overall situation negatively! As soon as you identify the cause, you can work on it in a targeted manner – and assess such situations more realistically and less impulsively in the future.

Many people hold onto things that happened to them for years: injustices, betrayals, defeats. By letting go and learning from it, you leave the past behind and look forward again. In short, ask why less often – rather ask why?

Happiness – take care of yourself

Worry about yourself (for a change). Choose an evening where you only do things that you enjoy: go to the cinema, have a good meal or go to the football game. In this way, you create more happy moments all by yourself. This also includes doing sports. Because exercise releases endorphins, which popular science likes to refer to as happiness hormones. Sport can give the first impetus: It promotes happiness in the moment. In the evening on the couch, when you remember back, your own body will thank you with well-being. If you do sport regularly, you will be satisfied with yourself in the long term, for example on a summer vacation on the beach.

Disaster reports on television, radio, social networks and other channels can quickly give us the impression that there is only bad left in the world. Of course this is not the case. In addition to major disasters and acts of violence, there are millions of positive things every day. But these are not the messages that come first on the news. To mitigate the negative impression, it can help to dose the news. Just stop watching the news for a while or at least isolate yourself from the constantly popping messages on social networks. Don’t let the negatives bombard you all the time.

And how often do you use social media? Hopefully you will find a distance from such sides and can enjoy peace and quiet. When I have negative thoughts, I like to go to the forest to think positively again through fresh air and nature. You can find more inspiring sayings in my category ‘Ruthless Quotes‘.

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