The problem with rich people is that I am not one

Slogan: The problem with rich people is that I am not one.
Slogan: The problem with rich people is that I am not one.
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Positive thinking – identify triggers

“All crap!” – Generalizations like these quickly become beliefs. If things don’t go smoothly in your job, your entire life will turn into a crisis in no time at all. Only one singular (and often meaningless) event overshadows the rest. To think more positively, question what the reason behind the bad thoughts is. Without evaluating the overall situation negatively! As soon as you identify the cause, you can work on it in a targeted manner – and assess such situations more realistically and less impulsively in the future.

Compared to many other people in this world, you have a great life and what is making you in a bad mood is actually Pillpalle. Keep this in mind when you sink into self-pity because everything is bad again.

Positive thinking – smile more often

A smile ensures a better mood and a positive view of the circumstances after a short time. Even then, when there is absolutely no reason to laugh. Behind this is a physical reaction that is triggered by the facial muscles. The brain then releases happiness hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. In addition, smiling has an effect on those around you: You appear more open, more positive – and you get back sympathy and trust. Therefore: smile more than others!

Distraction is one of the best remedies for a bad mood. Do something nice, meet up with a friend, have a good time, treat yourself to something. After that, you’re guaranteed to feel better. It is important that you get other thoughts and leave behind what is causing you the bad mood.

And why are you not successful and rich? We have to develop ideas together, discuss them and then implement them if we want to move forward in life. Feel free to write me your thoughts. You can find more suggestions for reflections in my collection under ‘Ruthless Quotes‘.

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