Looks matter

Slogan: Looks matter.
Quote – Ruthless – 007

A question of taste and affection

Our appearance has an immense effect on the viewer. Even if one hears that appearance does not make a person, it remains in our nature that we observe other people with a critical eye. Consequently this is the only way we can determine whether we like someone or should keep our distance from them. Do you think that “looks matter”?

Be grateful every day

Have you ever wondered how well you are actually? How many things are there in your life that you should be grateful for? Instead of complaining, write down one thing every day for which you are grateful. The coffee machine that conjures up the most delicious coffee for you every day. The walk through the forest. The sun that shines from the sky. The apartment that saves you from life on the street. Children who bring you joy. A partner who will always stick to you. A job that secures your livelihood.

Positive thinking – smiling is actually healthy

There are people who go through life grouchy and others who always have a smile on their face. The smiling ones are almost always the happier people. Of course the reason also lies in the smile itself: Researchers have found that a positive facial expression releases happiness hormones almost immediately. The brain seems to get information about how you are doing from the muscles of the face. Indeed smiling makes you more relaxed and content, and that helps you not see things around you so black.

How can I learn to let go?

Often the past keeps us trapped in negative thought patterns and prevents us from looking positively and liberally into the future. Then find out what is negatively affecting you and try to let it go. However bad experiences, disappointments, failures, emotional injuries, pain or grief sometimes burden us for a lifetime. But this ballast can also be something positive, as it brings us life experience and strength for new challenges.

Hopefully my collection of “Ruthless Quotes” will help you to reflect on your actions and to gain something positive for your everyday life. Therefore I try to get you thinking with provocative quotes and hope that my personal thoughts will help you to think positively. Of course, I am always happy to receive your feedback and I am really looking forward to your comment.

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