It is easier to criticize than to do better

Slogan: It is easier to criticize than to do better.
Slogan: It is easier to criticize than to do better.
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Do you know that if you always assume a disaster scenario? No matter what you plan to do, you are already going through in your head all the possibilities that could go wrong. Will everyone really come to the party? What happens if there is not enough food? Or no one feels comfortable?

Getting out of the negative trap

Realize that these worries are irrational fears. Your brain wants to protect you by going through all possible scenarios. Talking to a friend about your worries in this case is of little use, as it is easy to get lost in the details.

It helps to see the situation from a distance. If you are to blame yourself again, stop yourself for a moment and internally repeat the mantra: These are negative thoughts. I am not responsible for everything. Another trick is to leave the room for a while. This action suggests to the brain that one moves on and leaves the old behind.

When you think things can’t go well

For example, you see a job advertisement that inspires you. You always wanted a challenge like this. But the longer you think about the qualifications you want, the more certain you are: They will never take you.

Just make it clear to yourself how much you have already achieved in life and write this down if possible. In doing so, you realize that you have achieved a lot more than you think. Probably there were also unpredictable things. If you want, you can also make a note of what good you have achieved every day. So trust in your own abilities grows slowly.

Have you written down negative thoughts, crumpled up the piece of paper and thrown it away? Studies show that it is a simple trick to get rid of bad thoughts easily. Tell me about your experiences, because I am always looking for inspiration for my small collection of ‘Ruthless Quotes‘.

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