Love fades

Slogan: Love fades.
Slogan: Love fades.
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Sometimes it can feel harder to break up with your crush than it does your partner. But there are certain circumstances in which you should absolutely stop your crush.

When to say goodbye to your crush

The crush doesn’t notice you anymore. While you can’t even take your eyes off your crush and they haunt your head every free minute, they barely pay any attention to you. Does he even know who you are and value your character? If not, get rid of him as soon as possible.

Or you can’t think of anyone else and you can’t talk about anyone else? Do you take extra detours and spend a noticeably long time in places where experience has shown that your crush often hits? If you run the risk of breaking the line into stalking, run away.

If it’s just a flirt or he’s dating someone else

They flirt and flirt but that’s about it. All innuendos fizzle out and the spiral of flirtation doesn’t stop turning. No matter how clearly you give your crush the green light, they will not take the initiative and even if you suggest a meeting they simply will not respond.

You don’t really need to say anything about this: If your crush also meets with others, you should say goodbye as soon as possible. You don’t deserve this and you can save yourself this drama. Find someone who is ‘available’ and who appreciates your interest.

Have you experienced a love that fades over time? Tell me about your experiences and, above all, how you were able to develop positive feelings for someone else again. A whole range of other great quotes that will make you think can be found in the ‘Ruthless Quotes‘ category.

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