The road to success is always under construction

Slogan: The road to success is always under construction.
Slogan: The road to success is always under construction.
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The power of positive thinking

Positive thinking motivates and inspires those around you. Setting a good example to inspire others is what many people want. But most people let themselves be dragged down by the negative thinking in their environment. Looking more closely, it is of course definitely more convenient to stay down there with the others than to develop a good solution and also to communicate it unequivocally. Maybe you will try anyway? Because if others see that you are not deterred and that you are successful, they may follow your example.

Stress is a real mood killer. No, not the “good” stress that makes you get a job done faster. What is meant is time pressure. Try to allow more time for each individual task, this will reduce the pressure.

Why is positive thinking so difficult for many?

If optimism has so many advantages, why is it so difficult for many? First of all, optimists don’t have a particularly good reputation in general. Here you do 100 things correctly and 3 mistakes – then you will only be held responsible for the mistakes. Nobody talks about your successes. Optimists tend to be considered naive and alien to life, pessimism, on the other hand, has style. And those who never start from the good will not be disappointed, but in all probability will be confirmed. But that is a fallacy from self-fulfilling prophecy. Remember, regardless of whether you think beforehand that you will achieve something or not, you are right.

Writing it down can help you think more positively. It clears our memories. Each day, write down what you are happy about, what you are grateful for, what went well, and what you are proud of. So, keep in mind the positive things in your life. A few minutes are enough. These can be successes at work, good moments or things that seem obvious like food, health or a roof over your head. If you like, you can also do this in the form of a success diary.

I often ask myself how to always think positively. On some days it rains and it falls to find positive thoughts. Tell me how you can find a positive mood in dark times. In the list ‘Ruthless Quotes‘ I collect my proverbs that make me think about life.

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