You will continue to do things you regret

Slogan: You will continue to do things you regret.
Slogan: You will continue to do things you regret.
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Thoughts that instantly make you happier

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be good. Whether a project at work, dinner or the general life situation. We should be more aware of what is going well – and not just look at the negative things.

I am good the way I am. Self-love is the key to almost all problems! At least it is easier to deal with challenges if you believe in yourself and value yourself.

What nice things will I do today? Most of the time, you have something nice to do every day. Be it lunch with your favorite colleague, going to the cinema or taking a bath in the evening. Reminding yourself of it over and over makes the day a lot easier.

There is no dream that is too big

Because if you forbid dreaming from the start, you can hardly get any further in life. The only thing that matters is the attitude towards these dreams. Do I have to realize it in the same way or is it not already a gain to go in the right direction? Anyone who thinks this way will not be disappointed in the end, but can only benefit from their dreams.

Just look ahead, never look back. Sounds sucked off, but it’s one of the most important rules for a happy life. Each of us experiences bad things, loses loved ones or does things we regret. Unfortunately, these things have one thing in common: they can no longer be changed. Therefore it is of no use to us to remind us of them over and over again. “If only I had” or “Would only be” are sentences that should be deleted from your vocabulary in this context.

And what big dreams are you trying to achieve? I love to travel my dream is to see all the countries in the world. A big project because we have almost 200 different countries in the world. In the category ‘Ruthless Quotes‘ you will find more great quotes that might inspire and motivate you in your dreams. Have a look.

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