Your body will turn to shit long before you die

Slogan: Your body will turn to shit long before you die.
Slogan: Your body will turn to shit long before you die.
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Whether for work, family or a hobby – we all have goals in life that we want to achieve. This can be the chief position in the company, but it can also be a smaller project, such as running a sports program. The question for short and long-term goals is of course: How do I set my goals correctly and how can I achieve them?

Visualize positive beliefs and goals

Confidence is a very important point when it comes to putting your plans into action. You should change negative beliefs. Instead of telling you over and over again, “I’ll never be able to do that”, often say quietly to you: “I can do everything I plan to do.” Of course, that doesn’t have an effect on your performance overnight. But if you incorporate this belief in your everyday life, it will certainly bear fruit!

It often helps to visualize your plans. In other words: only start thinking about what your day will look like when you have reached your goal or your sub-goals – you can of course also write down your visions. Then maybe draw a small picture or sketch. It’s not for nothing that people say: have your goals in mind!

Shedding habits and fighting your weaker self

If you want to achieve your goal, then you have to start to rethink – and also to act differently than before. Ask yourself: What can I change now about my daily activities in order to get closer to my goal?

Of course, it is an important step towards achieving your goals. Because the first hurdle is often the biggest – and that is to leave our comfort zone. Achieving a goal usually takes time and effort. You just have to be ready to take it upon yourself.

And how do you manage to motivate yourself? Tell me about your instruments or thoughts for more motivation in life. I collect inspiring quotes in my list ‘Ruthless Quotes‘ – maybe you also have suggestions for this.

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