Just because you are unique, doesn’t mean you are useful

Slogan: Just because you are unique, doesn't mean you are useful.
Slogan: Just because you are unique, doesn't mean you are useful.
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Where does positive thinking come from?

The positive thinking has its origins in the French pharmacist Émile Coué. He developed the concept of autosuggestion as a self-help method. With the help of positive affirmations (“I’m fine, I’m happy”), his clients got better more often than if they only took medication.

From this later developed the “positive psychology” around the psychologist Martin Seligmann. Today it examines the effect of positive thoughts, feelings and serenity as well as their and self-healing powers. It’s about your own potential and about gaining more influence on your own life.

Think positive and stay realistic!

If you are constantly tense and let yourself be overwhelmed by the stress of everyday life, positive thinking is often difficult. Regular relaxation helps you come down, switch off and see clearly. Meditation, breathing exercises, yoga – choose a relaxation method and learn to switch off your thoughts and only be in the here and now. This inner calm brings you back into harmony with yourself. A nice side effect: At the same time, happiness hormones are released.

The easiest and most important exercise is to give yourself a smile. At first it might seem a bit strange to just pull up the corners of your mouth for no real reason. Try it anyway. Right now! You will immediately feel a change.

I tried yoga some time ago, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. And what exercise do you have to motivate yourself positively? Tell more about your experiences and have a look at my quotes in the overview ‘Ruthless Quotes‘.

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